While working as a Disc Jockey / DJ.

AHB 2000, in the nineties a revolutionary and space saving storage system invented.
For CDs, CD-ROMs, DVDs, etc. and the replacement of the CD, DVD case / jewel case the DJ SLEEVE ® CD / DVD covers.
This professional CD DVD complete with storage space you save 75% and 60% by weight,
while the information on the book and the song titles without having to cut up remains legible in the specially designed covers.
Formerly CD 12 DJ cases, now only 4 dj cd cases with the same amount of CDs.

AHB holds the European patent / patent, IE - intellectual property and other records including
many styles, designs / ideas that have not been taken into production and the complete storage system.
The developed and patented products are legally registered with the relevant authorities worldwide,
Europe and Benelux

After some time on extensive research and worked with their own
DJ CD sleeve designed DVD covers, I have to develop a film with no plasticizers.

* Conclusion beginnings 90 years "late 2000" Why no plasticizers,

If the CD cover (plastic) can contain plasticizers that the
song book, layout, and the CD / DVD damage. (You know the license covers).
Over time, the covers were stuck together this is really annoying if you're a DJ looking for a CD soon.
Upper edges started to look bad after heavy use.
Even though the inner side finished with Gloor free paper, silicone, protex nonwoven polyester / cellulose blend,
Fleece layers cover still contains harmful plasticisers, we use a hard or soft plastic.
Here we got a problem with most covers that we could find out we have to
exchanged for a small fee covers no new plasticizers.

Another advantage: no harmful plasticizers in the environment and especially for yourself. GOOGLE

Better for the environment less material, film is unbreakable, boxes often break during use and are discarded,
DJ CD sleeve with the DVD covers this many Maale extends lifespan compared to the Jewel Case (CD box).

This is done to avoid it in future issues, while the producers when we outsourced
These problems did not want to see and even denied Fill yourself why.
Hence we were forced to own a complete Mach Alpine Park to purchase for optimum production.

* 2000 / 2001

After many tests and Various designs of CD / DVD covers has again shown that simplicity is paramount.
The fold-out CD - DVD covers did not, it began to tear at the seam with frequent bending
use (open and shut) was also the consumption of costly plastic film is very large.
CD / DVD from the side, did not benefit, finished inside with silicone, non-woven protex
polyester / cellulose blend, fleece layers also gave problems if overused, so we yet again
have opted for simplicity.
Binder covers, we have now in our assortment.

Now we use the paper color coding as inlays for example, quickly find a genre.

To avoid these and other problems we have been obliged to own a special plastic film
to develop our sleeve's.

The name officially became dj sleeve and the sleeve are slightly taller and wider than before geproducereerd, this is the
Remove beneficial especially for double CDs.

Late 2001 / early 2002, we have a better plasticizer-free plastic film develops in Labratorium
by a team of specialists.
Through this way we will advance the entire team of engineers and customers who thank
to have worked. For special requests, we are also sleeves to the desired size.
DJ SLEEVE sleeves are not the best idea of ??the Netherlands but a very good innovation worldwide.

* 2004
The film has been modified slightly in 2004, a little more flexible to produce this works better for
the professional DJ who every weekend on the go.

The CD DVD sleeves are available immediately on the inside where the CD is rather smooth finish something or some structure.
Only on special order, we provide the old sleeve pack's fleece.

* Mid 2005

We are bringing the first steps in a joint venture with one of Europe's
largest firms (wholesale) of multimedia products for the music industry.

Are we in contact with incubator3plus
Incubator3 + facilitates entrepreneurs with promising technological innovation plans
from the idea stage. Incubator3 + Pred can provide loans and coaching, housing,
technical facilities, consultancy and a business network.

Participate in the Incubator3 +

~ TU Eindhoven
Philips Technology Incubator ~
~ TNO Industry and Technology
~ Rabobank Eindhoven
~ NV Rede
~ Bomb
~ Syntens
~ Fontys

Together they set a target to reduce the number of successful tech start-ups in
Technology Eindhoven region and elsewhere in the province of North Brabant to increase.
Incubator3 + operates in Brainport / South East Netherlands

More information on www.incubator3plus.nl
Or send an e-mail to info@incubator3plus.nl

* 2007

As you can hear in the media, the market for some time
faced with historically high oil prices.
This along with a shortage of raw materials and an increase in energy concerns
sure our products we have long faced with price increases.
By inventive to buy, we made the decision in 2007 to the sleeve's
not to charge the price increases. We hope the next few years to continue.

* Ahead 2007 / 2008 / 2009

We have new deal on raw material prices, along with sales
increase, it seems that our prices for the dj sleeve CD and DVD covers in the coming
years 2008-2010 will remain stable. For some items and accessories may be
we just need to adjust prices.

* 2009 to Present

AHB 2000 won the 2009 Organizers' Choice Award 09 "At The Convention Organizing 09"

In recent years, more and more private vezamelaars, music lovers CDs digitize the
hard drive (computer) and the compact disc collection to storage, IT professionals, medium to large institutions like hospitals,
libraries, companies with large archives, defentie, several state enterprises, companies that spoken text
Books on CD set, advertising agencies, drawing offices, law firms, merchants CDs and DVDs sent via Internet
plate size companies switched over to the professional plasticizer free CD covers from AHB 2000.
I.P.V. just Disc Jockeys / DJs.

The plastic prices continue to rise slowly. As we gain a growing market share at home and abroad,
tonage to buy more film, we are still the sleeve for a very competitive price.

From the environmental aspect we recyclable waste. Remains plastic is delivered back to the plastic processing industry.

Our machinery is very modern and meets the highest standards we set. With this, we edit the
coming years the price of the sleeve's will remain stable. The price of the covers will remain stable as we think we see
slowly we are growing the market leader in Europe with the replacement of the jewel case (CD DVD packaging) and storage.

We consider, after many years in the closet location to have the memory stick / SD card sleeve on the market.

individuals, merchants CDs and DVDs sent over the Internet, IT companies, hospitals, industrial companies with large archives
foreign Disc Jockeys / DJs begin the switch to the DJ SLEEVE ®.

* 2011 in anticipation of 2012

Are working on a number of patents to be transferred.

AHB 2000.
Simplicity is the best.